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We are pleased to provide this guide for our art requirements. Please try to follow them as closely as possible. Any deviation may delay your order and require additional art charges.

• All files should be complete and the correct size for the product you are ordering, if possible.
• Allow 1/8” bleed for commercial work and 3/8” bleed for label work.
• Hard copy proofs are vital to ensure the integrity of the final product.

We can accept Macintosh and PC files in the following formats:
• QuarkXPress, Illustrator, Photoshop, PageMaker, Freehand and InDesign.
• When using Illustrator or InDesign: Adobe does not fully support using transparency for overprinting or
interacting with spot colors. You will incur problems that will result in additional cost or unusable files.

MAC Version Version we prefer
Adobe Photoshop CS-4 (11) OK
Adobe Illustrator CS-4 (14) OK
Adobe InDesign CS-4 (6) OK
Freehand MX-11 10
Quark 8 6 or 7
Pagemaker 7 OK

PC Version Version we prefer
Quark 7 7
Pagemaker 7 OK

• Graphics (photos/logos) should be provided as an EPS or TIFF file.
• Graphics files that are full color must be CMYK and not RGB. If you have an RGB file, you should convert it to
CMYK and do any necessary color corrections before you send the file.
• Spot colors should be designated as PMS (Pantone Matching System). Please do not mix process colors and
spot colors in the same file unless that is what you really want.
• Files with linked images must include all the linked files and should be completely assembled and ready for
output, if possible.
• Photos (CMYK or B/W) should be scanned at the correct size to be used in the document (enlargement or
reduction) using 300 dpi (dots per inch) and line art should be scanned at 1200 dpi.

• You should send all fonts that are used in your files. Please send only the fonts needed, and be sure to include both the printer fonts and the screen fonts.
• You should not use the “STYLE” menus to designate style (BOLD, ITALIC, ETC.). Use the actual font from the “FONT” menu.
• Instead of sending the fonts, you can use your
application’s option, if available, to convert type to paths or outlines.However, if this is done, J.W. Moore cannot make type changes.

Double check these items:

1. Include both printer and screen fonts.
2. Include all linked images.
3. Convert RGB files to CMYK.
4. Allow 1/8” for backgrounds that bleed for commercial work and 3/8” bleed for label work.
5. Resolution should be 300 dpi for halftone (CMYK or B/W) files. Scale halftone images in Photoshop— not in Illustrator, Quark, PageMaker or InDesign.

• Files may be sent on a DVD, CD, thumbdrive or via e-mail to your account manager. They may also be sent to our FTP site.
user name: jwmooreftp
password: JwmΨΨre  (Zero's Not O's)
• All files should be accompanied by some form of proof to show color break, type styles, and layout. If you send the files via e-mail or FTP, a proof should be sent by overnight carrier.
• PDF’s sent to be used as final art must include crop marks and bleed. Fonts used must be imbedded or included.
The following will normally be done at no cost:
• Installing fonts included with job.
• Pre-Flight file examination for obvious file problems.
• Gloss Color Proof.
• Quality control to meet printing requirements.
The following will be charged at our normal rate of $100.00 per hour:
• Additional time associated with jobs containing incomplete or missing elements.
• Scanning images not provided in file.
• Any alterations to original application file.


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