P r e c i s i o n.     E x c e l l e n c e.      I n n o v a t i o n.

Am-Conventional FM-Staccato
Amplitude is Modulated
Dots change in size from small to large, but equal distance from center-to-center
150 lpi, 175 lpi, etc
Frequency is Modulated
Dots are all highlights in size and only the distance from one-to-another varies
Measurements in microns

What is Staccato?
Staccato is the CREO version of stochastic screening. Where conventional screening (AM) is lines of dots the same distance apart and varying in size. Staccato (FM) is a random pattern of dots all the same size (only much smaller).

Why is Staccato Better?
Because you are controlling a much smaller dot that does not have to be arranged in rows, it creates many advantages over traditional screens.
  1) Wider color gamut- printers cleaner with greater vibrancy
2) Presswork Stability
3) Color Stability
4) Make Ready Much Faster
5) Tighter Registration
6) Eliminate Moire Patterns

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