P r e c i s i o n.     E x c e l l e n c e.      I n n o v a t i o n.

Spotless™ Printing: A better solution to spot colors.

The above Spotless Color Chart demonstrates the enormous range of spot colors that can
be printed on one sheet with 6-color process and the Spotless technology. This Spotless
Color Chart was printed with CMYKRB ink sets.

Spotless software solutions enable spot colors to be reproduced with process colors rather
than special inks.With Spotless printing,we can reduce press downtime and increase efficiency,
while you, the designers and print buyers, can specify a greater variety of spot colors
to enhance your creative projects.You can achieve the spot color value...without the spot
color cost.

Spotless is enhanced by the use of Staccato screening,which provides smooth, Moiré-free
screen tint builds, stable on-press performance, and high resolution image reproduction.
Spotless provides the flexibility for us to use our own process color ink sets.

Spotless is not an exact match of every Pantone color…however, with the use of Spotless, a
much broader range of colors is achieved than with the conventional 4 color process
screening method.

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